Graphic Design Portfolio
Elena Zekria
Professional Graphic Designer
Branding for "Black Diamond Private Wealth Ltd"
Logo and branding for investment company (Australia)
Andy's cleaning services (USA)
Logo design for cleaning company
Nine Scope Software Ltd.(Россия)
Redesign of existing logo for Software Developer
RIDDHI infrastructure (India)
Logo design for building company
Spectrum (USA)
Logo design for water purefication producer
DaxiTravel (Russia)
Дизайн логотипа для Калининградской туристической фирмы, предоставляющей индивидуальные туры.
Laptop City (Австралия)
Logo design for computer store
Printing Design
Centre of Wealth (Australia)
Design info brochure for Centre of Wealth Accounting Services
Design User Manual for App (20 pages)
Horizon Advisory Group (Australia)
Design info brochure for Horizon Advisory Group
Design calendar for auto-filters store
Design calendar for auto-filters store 2021
Calendar design for auto-filters store
Om Cleaning (Australia)
Design logo, business cards and info brochure for cleaning company
Детский сад "Солнышко" (Russia)
Design info brochure for kindergarten
DaxiTravel (Russia)
Design business cards for travel company
Horizon Advisory Group (Australia)
Design info brochure about real estate for Horizon Advisory Group
E-book "How to use a Unit Trust to create wealth"
Design multi page e-book for Equity Gain Pty Ltd (Австралия)
Equity Gain Pty Ltd (Australia)
Design standing ad banner for Equity Gain Pty Ltd
All types of graphic design and branding for "VIHOTAR"
Full graphic design escort for IT company "Vihotar" (India)
2 page website for investing company (Australia), contains main landing page and Glossary.
I used HTML-template and filled it with content and customized it for unique company style with HTML and CSS coding. Icon, info-graphic creation and photo edition are included in web-design.
Web-design using WordPress. Landscape artist's showcase
Web-site on the WordPress about children and home improvement for housewives. This project is my hobby
Web-design on WordPress for the lawyer
Digital and paper graphic art
You can contact me from any place of a planet
Doesn't open for work currently
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